About Us

3Dparts was created by Design Engineer Stephen Robinson to provide an innovative and creative 3D Printing service to a growing market of customers who see the untapped potential in this exciting technology. Having 23 years experience in Mechanical Design Engineering and a flair for product design, Stephen offers the knowledge and understanding required to grow and work alongside our customers to develop their concepts and provide an efficient and personal approach to Rapid Prototyping.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Additive Manufacturing?

This is a process where an object is created by laying down successive layers of material and is distinct from traditional machining techniques (subtractive processes) which mostly rely on the removal of material by drilling, cutting etc.

  •  How durable is ABSplus?

Unlike 3D models produced in weak materials ABSplus FDM 3D models have been used for field tests – from wind tunnel testing to camera mounts on a M2 Bradley tank. ABSplus is not ABS-like or ABS-grade. It's real ABS.

  • Is post processing required?

No further post-processing is required and the 3D model will retain its shape and accuracy indefinitely.

ABSplus parts can be sanded, milled, drilled, tapped, painted and even electro-plated.

  •  What is a watertight model?

In the world of 3D modeling and design, especially tri and quad poly model meshes (polygon mesh models) there is a chance that models can have gaps or holes. This is why we refer to the term "watertight". Essentially this means that your models must be sealed or closed. A good way to visualize this is to ask would it float or sink? A sphere will float but if you remove a small part of it, making a hole, it will take on water and sink.

In the world of modeling, models that have holes in them are called "non-manifold". This basically means they have a hole or holes in the model. 3D Printing requires that you produce a fully closed, watertight model. In Solid Modeling, having holes or non-manifold models is much less likely due to the design method. This means that Engineering tools usually do not have this issue. Only models made in animation packages, 3D gaming packages and other mesh-modeling programs have this sort of issue.

  • How quick can you deliver?

Models can be despatched within 24hrs if required urgently, it depends very much on your requirements and our machine availability.  We will always inform you of our lead-time at the time of quoting.

  • How to Pay

We accept Paypal or BACS payments for your orders. Please note that printing cannot commence until payment has been received in full. If you are a business customer then we can set up an account for you after your first order.  Please contact us to discuss any payment questions you may have.

Contact Us

Email: sales@3dparts.co.uk

Tel: 07764 851 461

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